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The Paddle Crew  (Updated September 20, 2013)

Our fall line-up, in no particular order ;)



South Hero


NOTE:  Returned to school;  returning at winter break for a visit!

Maisie hails originally from Morristown, New Jersey but just moved up to Vermont this summer.  She's dabbed in and out of South Hero ever since she was a little tot, and is very familiar with the close-knit and welcoming community of the Island, which she loves.  Maisie does stand-up comedy in her free time and loves to make people laugh.  Her genuine humor is clean and relatable.  She hopes to go far with the arts as she transfers to Boston College in the fall for her sophomore year.  Maisie says she absolutely adores working with the Paddle Crew.

And, we're lucky to have her on our Crew! We've known this young lady and her family since we opened our doors in 2005.  Their support and enthusiasm for The Paddle has been second to none ;)

Thanks, Maisie, for coming on-board this summer!




South Hero


NOTE:  Returned to school;  returning at winter break for a visit!

A new addition to The Paddle Crew, Margaux joined us in May. Margaux is an incoming sophomore at Elon University, majoring in Elementary Education with a minor in Psychology. A former CVU student and Shelburne resident, Margaux is new to the Islands and loving every bit of them. Not only is she an Audrey Hepburn and hockey fan, she loves sailing on her family’s racing boat “Dark & Stormy,” snapping memories on her Nikon, and spending time with her family, friends, and two lovable German Shepherds, Kaya and Beau. She is ecstatic to be working at The Blue Paddle Bistro!

And, The Paddle is equally as thrilled to have this awesome, out-going person (with a huge personality) working with us!  Not only is she interesting, she entertains all of us :)  Oh, her favorite color is Tiffany Blue.  (Gotta love that!)





 Kate just finished up her freshman year of college at Tulane University in New Orleans and will be attending Brown University next year. Studying education and sociology, Kate is interested in one day working for Teach for America and then continuing on to become a teacher. During the summer, she loves to swim and hike. 

Almost as soon as Kate walked through our front door, Chef Phoebe said: "You're hired!"  A natural quick learner, this young lady has picked up the art of serving at a restaurant with such grace.  Just a super nice person - we're so lucky she found us!



Sarasota, FL


"I grew up in Montpelier and have been out of the state for 26 years. This is a home coming. I am a photographer along with many other experiences. Vermont is a beautiful place and the lake is amazing. I am infatuated with my state. "

Doug reached out to us from Florida this past late winter.  As soon as we saw his resume - and talked to him - we knew we had to have him as a waiter and "mentor" to our "young" staff.  He comes to us with an impressive resume, an easy style and a very positive outlook on life-in-general.  We are absolutely thrilled to have Doug's expertise to help us shine that much more! :)





Another wonderful addition to the Blue Paddle is Sarah.  As a native North Hero gal, she chose to attend Essex High School.  Among Sarah's interests is her love of art. 

She prefers painting with acrylics, and welcomes the designing process with open arms.  For those folks interested in seeing her art, stop by Hero's Welcome - she painted a bench for them which is on display. 

Customers of our restaurant have left comment cards about her smile since she started working with us this winter!



Grand Isle

Chef & Garde Manger



South Hero

Busser Extraordinaire

This hard-working young man is currently a Sophomore at Essex High School.   Nathan has two older sisters and a younger brother.  Besides playing on his school's varsity soccer team, he enjoys history class, photography class & track and field. 

Planning to attend college out of state in the fall of 2014, we know he will

succeed at anything he pursues.  Right from the get-go, Nathan has made his mark at The Paddle.  With an attention for detail unmatched by most, he has become an invaluable busser and "assistant" to Mandy when she's hostessing for the evening. 

Nate's family is truly one of our all-time Paddle favorites ...



South Hero


Jamil just graduated from Essex High School where he played rugby fro 3 years.  He'll be attending UVM in the fall.  He likes fishing, boating & is an avid ping pong player!

Having known Jamil's dad for almost 25 years (what a nice guy!), we knew that this young man would be a great fit for The Paddle.  He's super nice & very polite ...






Bio & photo coming soon ...



North Hero


Bryce is a sophomore at Colchester High School.  Her passion is soccer, but she is involved in many more activities!  In the summer, she enjoys hanging out on the beach or on the lake.  In the colder months, she loves trabelling, as well as snowmobiling. Truly an outgoing gal, she loves to spend time with both family and friends.

We feel extremely fortunate that Bryce is working with us at The Paddle. Hired this winter, she came with bussing experience, a killer smile and a warm personality.  We know you'll like her as much as we do ;)



THEREZA CONONI - on summer "leave"


South Hero


"Tree" is first and foremost our friend.  She began working for us shortly after we opened our doors and has become an invaluable team leader.  Over the years, she has mentored all of our front-of-the-house staff.  With a keen eye for detail, and a real concern for the wellbeing of our little company, she has earned our deep respect and gratitude.

Currently a full-time student at Johnson State, she's working on a Bachelor Degree in Wellness & Alternative Medicine.  Besides the love for her two dogs, Lilly & Caesar, her interests include:  the lake, yoga, reading, knitting, jazzercise, running, kayaking, snowshoeing & canoeing.



MATT Hemingway

Grand Isle


Matt is just a great guy!  He wears many hats at The Paddle, primarily dishwasher extraordinaire.  (As Phoebe says - one of the most important jobs in a restaurant that washes every dish by hand because it determines the flow of the kitchen and, consequently, the flow of the dining room.) In his off time, he happily lends a hand to Mandy in helping her with anything outdoors.

When asked for a bio, Matt wrote this (another reason why we love    him):  "I like to work, hang-out with friends, love to enjoy my days off, and most importantly, I like working for the Blue Paddle Bistro." 




Grand Isle

Owner of Grand Isle Home Services

Marc is our "go to" guy for anything that needs to be done on or in our restaurant.   We hired Marc six plus years ago when we were able to make the upstairs into additional service space.  Marc completely transformed the two rooms into beautiful dining spaces, installed a second floor restroom and built us an exterior fire escape stairway. 

Since then, he is the only person that Mandy will let work on The Paddle - for two reasons - he's the best & he's become a dear friend.   "When both Marc and Phoebe are here, I'm loving life.  I'm with by two best friends," says Mandy.



South Hero

Mascot #1

Serving in the capacity as the "Official Paddle Pup", Wyeth loves both bird hunting with partners-in-crime, Mandy & Phoebe!  She has become quite the accomplished all-around dog.  At 9 months, she received the first two orange ribbons of her Junior Hunt Test requirements, as well as second place in the Dock Dog competition held at the Champlain Valley Fair in 2010.  She's an awesome frisbee catcher and just a really nice dog.  P.S.   She also loves her younger brother, Watson.




South Hero

Mascot #2

15 month-old Watson is Wyeth's true brother and, in some ways, couldn't be more different than his big sister.   One thing they will share is bird hunting - training has already begun!  Mandy flew out to Wisconsin in February to bring home this little guy where she fell & fractured her knee cap.  Two days later she returned home on the plane with this pup on her lap and her leg in a huge brace. Watson, like his sibling two years prior, never made a "peep" during the return trip.  He did, however, make a lot of TSA & Delta personnel, as well as fellow travelers, smile!





I will miss you, Gracie, ...

                                and will forever remember you.

                                                                                  Your friend, Mandy

A couple of years ago, Gracie came to The Paddle inquiring about a job.   Unfortunately, we had already filled all our summer waitstaff positions;  however, we did need an extra person to assist with our special events and offered this young lady that opportunity which she enthusiastically accepted.  And we're glad she did!   Gracie attended Milton High School where she enjoyed history & english, as well as field hockey.   In addition to her school pursuits, Gracie had been a camper at Camp Ta-Kum-Ta for a number of years.  When asked if she liked the experience at camp, she proclaimed:  "I love it!"

(pictured with Caroline Casey)

Love many, trust a few...