Phoebe’s New Friends!

Today, Pheobe and I went over to our good friend Leslie’s farm for a kind of impromptu training session for Wyeth.   It was after that bird hunt we accompanied our pal back to her barn behind her home.  Immediately, Phoebe took a shining to this very unique brown and white pigeon with the softest hair on its feet.   Out came the camera so she could snap a photo of it.  Just seeing Phoebe enthralled about this little somewhat timid  (until she offered it corn) creature made me smile.   You see, I saw that side of Phoebe that I find incredibly endearing.

Next stop:  Leslie’s piglets.  Phoebe and I have agreed to help raise one so that we can enjoy it later (wink wink).  We visited the stall in the barn where these little guys call home.  Almost just as quickly as she took a shining to that bird she chose “her” pig – the brown one with the white patch on its face.  Yup, no hesitation from Phoebe.   He would be “Mr. Pig” from now on – despite not knowing its gender.

On the way home, we talked about Wyeth’s pointing, that little pigeon and, of course, the pig.    It was a nice morning we shared, indeed.

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