to the
Blue Paddle Bistro

Established 2005

The Paddle is a special little bistro nestled in the
beautiful Lake Champlain Islands of Vermont.
Experience delicious, unpretentious food
and a unique getaway in South Hero!

Only 20 minutes from Burlington - we're closer than you think!

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2023 - We won!

"Best Restaurant OCC"  and ...
Finalist - "Best Chef - Phoebe Bright" for the entire state!
OCC=Outside Chittenden County

Thanks for voting for us in the 2023
"Best Of" Vermont Daysie Awards!

Bienvenue au Blue Paddle Bistro!

Créé en 2005

Le Paddle est un petit bistrot spécial niché dans le belles îles du lac Champlain du Vermont. Découvrez une cuisine délicieuse et sans prétention et une escapade unique à South Hero! À seulement 90 minutes de Montréal - nous sommes plus près que vous ne le pensez! 

La frontière est maintenant ouverte; à cet  été! 

- Mandy et la chef Phoebe


Phoebe Bright
"Best Chef" in Vermont

The 2022 Daysie "Best of Vermont" Awards were just announced and our own Chef Phoebe just won this coveted category!
Voted by the public-at-large.  

Thank you to all our loyal friends who nominated
and voted for The Paddle.

We're both honored and humbled.

In addition to this award, we won "Best Restaurant" (OCC) and "Best Breakfast/Brunch" (OCC), as well. OCC = Outside Chittenden County

Winners were announced on Wednesday, August 3rd.

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Order Take-Out!

Now that our busy summer is over, we'll be able to meet all the demands for "take-out" orders! 

Take a look at our menu, then give us a call!

Thanks, and chat soon ...

New Art Show adorning our Paddle walls!

Wildlife Photography

featuring award-winning photographer Sharon Denny!

August's Balsam Candle Winner - MOLLY O'DWYER

We received dozens and dozens of comment cards over the past month. Thank you for your input.  Clifford ~ next time you visit, there will be a candle waiting for you! Congrats! Mandy
Our all-time #1 seller, our balsam candles are on sale at The Paddle.  It's especially a perfect gift for the holidays season - makes a great stocking stuffer, Secret Santa gift or "thank you" for the dinner invite.  Then again, give yourself a present!

NOTE:  Monthly winners can choose new scent, Fireplace featuring three of The Paddle Pups.  


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Thank you for
18 years of support, friendship
& thousands of hugs!

March 14, 2023 

Send us a greeting!

       18 Years 


toast bread with blueberry on black plate

We appreciate
folks sharing
their time with us!

March 14, 2023 marked our 18th anniversary – our longevity is because of all our wonderful Paddle friends who have shown us loyalty and kindness over the years.

Because of them - old and new friends alike - we are here going strong in South Hero.  

Continued hugs,

Chef Phoebe Bright & Mandy Hotchkiss

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fruit salad on gray bowls

The Paddle Pups!

AKA "The Ws", these German Wirehaired Pointers are our official mascots!
Please meet Wyeth, Wilbur, Willoughby, Watson* & WyNott.

*RIP, dear Watson (Jan. 2022) & WyNott (Nov. 2022)

Too cute! I want to see more!


316 US 2
South Hero, VT



Our hours change
with the season - now open Wednesdays-Saturdays starting at 5:00pm!  
To make a reservation,  call us directly at 
New Hours:

We answer the phone daily at 6:00am, 
       and return messages very quickly.

  • Monday - Tuesday


  • Wednesday - Saturday

    05:00pm – 08:30pm

  • Sunday


All-Time Favorite Snaps Gallery

Well, at least some chosen ones ... 

I've had the pleasure of taking literally tens of thousands of photos over the past 17 years.  From time to time, I will delve into my archives and post some of my faves.  Please let me know if you wish to have a photo taken when you visit - I always have some sort of a camera!
Hugs, Mandy

Frequently Asked Questions

I've got a question for Mandy!

Email me your question here.  Thank you.

Are you dog-friendly?

We love dogs at The Paddle!  Dogs are welcomed with open arms to dine with you at one of our outdoor tables during the warmer months. You bring the leash.  We have the water bowls and treats!

What do you specialize in?

Well, we're what you may call a "New American Restaurant."  That being said, Chefs Phoebe & Brandy make a little of everything.  What you can count on is consistent delicious, unpretentious food!

Do you cook with gluten-free pasta?

Sorry. No, we don't at this point. Stay tuned. 

Do you have a bar or may we bring our own wine?

Yes, we have a full bar;  therefore, Vermont state law dictates you can not bring your own alcohol of any kind.

What's your dress code?

Be comfortable & dress the way that makes you happy.  Of course, the standard "shoes and shirt" requirement is in effect.

Do you have entertainment?

Yes.  During the winter, we offer music on Thursday evenings from 6:00-8:00pm.  During the summer, live music every Wednesday & Sunday.  We call this our "Haymeadow Music" because it's located in our Back Forty where you can view some of the best sunsets in the Islands!

How often do you serve a Sunday brunch?

We try and offer a monthly brunch during the off-season.  

Can my kids play with one of the Paddle Pups?

You bet!  WyNott usually hangs out on the front porch during the summer with her frisbee ready to play.  During the colder months, you'll find her in our office waiting for some fun.

UPDATE:  WyNott passed away on November 2, 2022 after a 14 day battle with ITP, a rare blood disorder.  I am currently looking for a puppy that will be a great fit for our restaurant mascot.  Stay tuned.


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Recognition by others!

We're proud, and humbled, by all the press and media we've received over the years.  Here's a sampling ...


Award-winning anchorman, Anthony Edwards, from Boston highlighted us!

CLICK HERE for the story!Great piece about two
of our "neighbors, as well ... (July 26, 2021)


2022 Best Restaurants with the Best Food in Vermont Area


Fox 44 TV

44's Finest

Voted "Take Out Superstar" (co-winner)

CLICK HERE for story!

Voted "Best Brunch"
CLICK HERE for story!

Voted "Best Eggs Benedict"
CLICK HERE for story!

Vermont Lottery

The Paddle Pups were featured on a Vermont lottery scratch ticket for over a year:  "It's a Dogs Life."  

Lufthansa Magazin

Talk about sky high!

Worth a Dam

CLICK HERE for the story!  It's funny, too. 
Phoebe, Tamara and I tried to save our local beavers on the causeway.

The New York Times

Wonderful, unexpected mention ...

Yankee Magazine

Multiple stories; made us blush. Still does ...

7 Nights

Chosen for the annual Dining Guide cover story.  

Burlington Free Press

Multiple stories over the years; great coverage for all our good deeds and just being The Paddle 

CLICK HERE for one story ...


Multiple stories

CLICK HERE for one story!

Seven Daysie Awards

"Daysie Awards" (won or runner-up) ...
Best Restaurant, Best Chef, Best Eggs Benedict, Best Breakfast/Brunch, Best Steak, Best Restaurant Service,


Karl Lagerfeld in Vermont. The Paddle catered the photo shoot. We would would go on to cater a second shoot for him a year later at Shelburne Farms.


Vermont Magazine

Awesome read about us ...

Trip Advisor

Multiple years ... 


Remembering Hurricane Katrina
community fundraiser
CLICK HERE for story ...

Only in Your State

15 Restaurants In Vermont That Belong On Your Dining Bucket List


Money Inc

The 20 Best Restaurants in All of Vermont


UVM Medical Center

$100,000 Pledge

Vermont Woman

Local chefs serve up exceptional cuisine.  CLICK HERE.

Vermont Digger 4/5/23

Blue Paddle Bistro owners see silver lining in winter kitchen flood ...

A lovely video ...

Music:  "I Love My Dog"
Cat Stevens

This 2012 lovely video montage was a gift from a customer of our restaurant, the Blue Paddle Bistro. It really captures the essence of our little bistro and the warmth and enthusiasm of all the folks who visit us. Of course, the underlying theme is the love Chef Phoebe and I share for my German Wirehaired Pointers, Wyeth and Watson. I hope you enjoy.  

- Mandy

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Love many,
trust a few,
but always paddle your own canoe.

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