Play frisbee
with WyNott!

Update:  My beloved WyNott passed away 11/2/22 of ITP,  a blood disease.  Thank you to the hundreds of folks who cared about this little pup over the 9 years she hung out at The Paddle.  

We love kids, and we love dogs.

So, we combined these two into a fun coloring placement! 
Available to kids of all ages ...

Thanks to local artist, and Paddle friend, Paul Laud.

My kids want to play frisbee with WyNott!

Paddle Pup WyNott loves playing frisbee and would love to play with your kids!

Have you made a reservation to dine with us?  If so, please tell me the date and time in the "MESSAGE" box. 

That way I can be sure to have WyNott hanging out in the Paddle Office.  And, when it's a good time, we'll all play outside for a few minutes. WyNott is very gentle. 

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